Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Week!

So its been awhile since i posted! We had a busy busy week!

Had a field trip with zoe to the christmas tree farm, we went to the elves christmas tree farm in denison! It was pretty fun! The kids had a blast and really wore them out, zoe didnt want to go to girl scouts afterwards, here is the link to the place Elves Christmas Tree Farm, during the fall they have a pumpkin patch too!

Then on friday my parents and sister joined me at her school and we ate lunch, then i had to help with there winter party which was a polar express theme so all the kids got to wear there pajamas to school and the gym was set up like the polar express with differant games and stations for them to go to and at the end they had a snack and hot chocolate! It was alot of fun and wore me out! Then friday night i had a jewelry party here and it was fun, i made these deviled eggs from the mommys kitchen site and they turned out great!

I have some pics on my camera to upload so i can post from the week, yesterday we had a lazy day at home watching movies and then went to my parents for game night and then came home with a tummy bug, zane was up all night throwing up and this morning but seems to be better now! Hopefully none of us catch it , we have a busy week!

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  1. When I was student teaching we took the kiddos to their pumpkin patch. They had a wonderful time!